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Congregation Bnei Ovadia

By Magen Abraham

Over the years at Magen Abraham

our administration noticed a need for a special sanctuary to be provided to our students where they can learn, pray, and feel comfortable. That is why we opened our shul, Congregation Bnei Ovadia, located at 1922 E 8th Street, Brooklyn NY. This shul was opened by Rabbi Yosef Churba in memory of Eddie Nusseri, Ovadia ben Rachel, a former student of Rabbi Churba’s who excelled in attending shul services throughout his life. Within Bnei Ovadia’s special walls, Magen Abraham students and alumni not only come on Shabbat to pray, but also throughout the week to voluntarily learn and socialize. Every weeknight, you will find Magen Abraham students vigorously learning amongst their friends with great mentors and teachers all while enjoying catered meals. Overall, Congregation Bnei Ovadia is a special place on an academic level as well as on a personal level for every Magen Abraham student.