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About Us

Our mission statement

We are bridging the gap between education and business in a warm & comfortable environment with a Torah perspective

Yeshivat Magen Abraham

is committed to provide our students with the highest level of education. Under the guidance of our Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Shlomo Churba, and Menahel Rabbi Yosef Churba, The Yeshivah has assembled a dynamic, professional staff that shares an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Its rich Torah curriculum,

rigorous general studies department, comprehensive athletic program, exciting trips and Shabbatons all combine to make the high school experience one that is rewarding, enjoyable, intensive and stimulating

We are fully accredited

by the Board of Regents, offering the students the ability to earn an advanced regent diploma. In addition, we encourage our students to further their education by taking college courses and earning a degree. Their future is very much molded by the avenue in which they take after high school. Therefore the Yeshivah has introduced college courses in their 11th and 12th grades which enable the students to complete college sooner and get started on an exciting, fulfilling and successful career.

By the time our students graduate,

they have the confidence, self esteem, ambition, self discipline, communication and writing skills they need to succeed in, as they enter the business and professional world.
Our Approach

We're in this for the students

Preparing our students for life is what we are al aout
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