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A letter from the Rabbi

Words from the Menahel

As Menahel

of Yeshivat Magen Abraham, I firmly believe every student has a greatness with in them. It is an educators job to capitalize and cultivate those positive aspects that will ultimately enable that child to grow into the most confident and successful version of themselves.

We at Magen Abraham strongly encourage each and every student to excel in whatever field they see fit which will give them the confidence and strong self esteem they need to work on every aspect of themselves.

Our school believes in every one of our students and it is our jobs as educators to bring out their potential. We do this by recognizing each student’s strengths as well as weaknesses on an academic and personal level in order to create a strategic plan and support system to better themselves. The staff at Magen Abraham cultivates an extremely strong bond and relationship with each one of our students. This enables our staff to constantly encourage each student according to their specific needs and because the nature of this bond is so strong, the students respond on an extremely high level.

Because of the constant support each student is shown by our staff, students are able to achieve goals far greater than they would have ever anticipated for themselves. With this method in mind, Magen Abraham has produced hundreds of successful, vibrant, productive, and future community leaders over the last ten years.

As Menahel, I pray that Hashem should give us the strength and incite to inspire and educate so many more students within our community in the years to come.

Rabbi Yosef Churba