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Student Activities

The Goal

THE GOAL OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES AT MAGEN ABRAHAM IS to broaden the high school experience by giving our students the opportunity to personally express themselves in a social, religious, and academic setting Participating in programming brings out our students’ unique abilities and talents while helping them develop important skills. Through our in-school and after-school programs, our students develop skills in leadership, planning, communicating, and obtain true inspiration that will serve them well in their future endeavors. Most importantly, our students gain a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and the ability to inspire others.

The Activities

Our students participate in a wide variety of activities including:
After-school learning at Congregation Bnei Ovadia
Business Lecture Series
Hessed programs
Rosh Hodesh Programs
Holiday Programs
Hanukah Programs
Sukkot Celebration
Purim Programs
Make Shabbat Great Program
Annual Shabbaton
Annual Ski Trip
In-state and out-of-state trips