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Career Guidance

At Magen Abraham, we offer an array of guidance tailored to help your child reach their realized potential.

Business Courses

The business courses we offer at Magen Abraham are both extensive and relevant to the world we live in today. Through classes taught by successful and experienced teachers and mentors, our students are able to get a head start in training and planning for their future careers.

Guidance from Community Leaders

At Yeshivat Magen Abraham, we enable our students to interact with successful pillars of the community to discuss life, success, business, and the future to come. These leaders convey to our students the importance of working on their skill-set from an early age in order to obtain the most success in their future. Through our carefully planned out seminar series, our students visit the offices of esteemed community members who act as inspirational role models while interactively touching upon the importance of balancing a successful career, family, and Torah-guided life. Mentors include Mr. Richard Sutton of LT Apparel Group, Mr. Isaac Levy of AND1, Mr. Steve Russo of Fab NY, Mr. Salomon Smeke of Common Strategic Capital, and many more.

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