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Next Step

Israel Guidance

Guiding our students along their path after YMA

Taking the next step

Throughout the four years of high school, some students are unsure of what direction they would like to go in once they graduate. For many of our students, one of the paths chosen post-graduation is to venture to the land of Israel to continue their growth as an individual alongside their Torah education.
  • Our staff of well-connected and educated Rabbis advise our students on a personal level when it comes to the options they have in continuing their Torah education in the Holy Land.
  • Their knowledge of Yeshivot and their relationship with our students enable them to guide Magen Abraham seniors towards programs which will optimize personal Torah growth
  • Our advisors offer students advice and direction in selecting the appropriate Yeshiva by discussing intellectual, spiritual, and emotional objectives for the year to come in order to maximize the Israel learning experience.
  • After our students are set up in the appropriate program, our Rabbis remain close and in touch with the alumni and even visit them throughout the year.
Personal Growth

A year studying in Israel aids our students greatly

Further Development

Students further develop spiritually and academically

Israel Culture

Our students benefit greatly from the Israel Culture


Our advisors stay in touch throughout the year

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